Vector network analysis from Rigol

Author: EIS Release Date: Jul 30, 2020

Rigol Technologies has added a vector network analyser mode to a family of spectrum analysers, adding an N suffix to its RSA3000 and RSA5000 instruments.


“The RSA5000N and the RSA3000N deliver the same performance and feature set as the current spectrum analyser models, but adds VNA capability as a standard feature,” according to the company. “With integrated Smith charts, polar charts, reflection coefficient, impedance, insertion loss and frequency response, the Spectrum analyser becomes a functional vector network analyser.”

There are five models:

  • RSA3000N at 1.5GHz, 3.0GHz or 4.5GHz
  • RSA5000N at 3.2GHz or 6.5GHz, adds vector signal analysis

Both 3000N and 5000N types, as well as vector network analysers, can do swept spectrum analysis, real-time spectrum analysis, EMI pre-compliance testing, complex demodulation or complex analysis.

Rigol-RSA5000N-screenS11, S21 and distance-to-fault analysis are supported, allowing the tuning of antenna sets, searching for communication faults, searching for cable faults and characterising active or passive components.

Specs for the 5000 parts include: spectrum analysis from 9kHz to 6.5Ghz, typically <-165dBm DANL, phase noise typically <-108dBc/Hz, level measurement uncertainty <0.8dB, 1Hz minimum RBW, up to 40MHz real-time analysis bandwidth and 7.45µs 100% probability of intercept (POI) at 40MHz.

Users for the family are expected to span small companies, educators and enthusiasts to mainstream IoT designers.