Sir Hossein Yassaie joins Agile Analog

Author:OMO Release Date: Sep 11, 2019

Sir Hossein Yassaie, founder and CEO of Imagination, has become a non-exec at Agile Analog, the Cambridge analogue EDA startup.

Agile Analog is set on automating the design and delivery of analogue IP.

Using its AI-driven approach, Agile Analog has automated the traditionally manual design process and is creating analogue IP that aims to be more customisable, more reliable and available on any semiconductor process.

The availability of high-quality analogue IP will enable Agile Analog’s customers to integrate more functionality on chip and bring innovative solutions to market faster.

“Agile Analog is changing the status quo by addressing the long-standing inefficiencies in creating and delivering analog circuits across process technologies,” says Sir Hossein, “the revolutionary automated approach leads to efficient and timely availability of much-needed high-quality, reliable and easy-to-use analog IP. There is no doubt in my mind that Agile Analog is set to disrupt the semiconductor industry. I’m thrilled to be joining such a distinguished team, and I am looking forward to helping drive Agile Analog’s rapid growth and bring their analogue IP products to the global semiconductor market.”

“As we launch more customisable analogue IP products and extend our global footprint, Sir Hossein couldn’t have joined us at a better time,” says Agile CEO Tim Ramsdale.

Agile Analog, recently announced an Innovate UK grant as well as the closure of a $5 million pre-A funding round with Delin Ventures, firstminute Capital and MMC Ventures.