Cyber security startup raises $8m

Author: EIS Release Date: Sep 25, 2019

Crypto Quantique, the London IoT cyber security startup, has raised an $8 million seed round led by ADV with Entrepreneur First and others.

The company claims its technology can deliver a single chip which can generate multiple, unique, unforgeable cryptographic keys on-demand – these cryptographic keys are never stored, are resistant to most side-channel attacks, and can be used independently by multiple applications on demand.

“The proliferation of catastrophic end-point derived cyber-attacks is unacceptable, dangerous and threatens to irrevocably undermine trust in our connected world,” said Shahram Mossayebi, CEO and co-founder of Crypto Quantique (pictured), “silicon, device, software and solution providers must urgently work together so that device security becomes a foundation rather than an add-on, and end-to-end IoT security is the new normal. Crypto Quantique is proud to lead this radical cybersecurity transformation, using the most advanced techniques in cryptography and quantum physics, to enable cloud-like economy, plug and play ease of use, unforgeable device identity that is protected from manufacture to end of life, and the highest levels of foundational security”

The funding will enable Crypto Quantique to bring unforgeable identity to market with key and lifecycle management software.

The company’s Key Management Service (KMS) is designed to be integrated into any cloud based or on-premise IoT platform facilitating seamless, zero-touch secure device onboarding for thousands of devices in seconds as well as ongoing device attestation, revocation and secondary identity provisioning capabilities.

This will enable enterprises to achieve full end to end ownership and control of IoT security with a future proof foundation securing, for example, data in transit, device attestation, data at rest, mutual authentication, and device boot.
”Our solution delivers an unforgeable hardware derived root of trust that will enable true vertical integration from the device through the entire network to cloud computing services,” says co-founder Kumi Thiruchelvam,

 Crypto Quantique’s technology provides:

•       Quantum driven security foundation offering a complete solution for identifying, securing and managing IoT devices while reducing cost and lowering risk.
•       Very high entropy multi-use, unforgeable, tamper resistant cryptographic keys generated on-demand direct from silicon using quantum tunneling.
•       Quantum-safe derived keys, futureproofing IoT security.
•       Cloud ready multi-use Key Management System offering frictionless device enrollment and zero-trust, zero-touch provisioning and ongoing lifecycle management.

Crypto Quantique was founded by Dr. Shahram Mossayebi, PhD in post-quantum cryptography, Dr. Patrick Camilleri, PhD in microelectronics engineering and complex systems and Kumi Thiruchelvam, Masters in electronics and electronic engineering and former Broadcom and platform security executive.