Mornsun CUWB12-YMD-6WR3 series has 4.5VDC to 36VDC input range

Author:OMO Release Date: Sep 11, 2019

Relec Electronics, UK distributor for Mornsun, has announced the launch of the CUWB12-YMD-6WR3 series, designed to meet AEC-Q100 test standards for automotive applications.

The CUWB12-YMD-6WR3 has an input voltage range of 4.5VDC to 36VDC and can operate between temperatures of -40°C and +105°C. The CUWB series DC-DC converters meet EMC and EMI requirements including EN55025/CISPR 25 standard level three for the protection of on-board receivers in vehicles and boats.

The CUWB series has an efficiency of 85% and no-load power levels as low as 0.06W, making it suitable for applications operating in standby mode for long periods of time. Along with input to output isolation of 1500V DC, the series features input under-voltage, output over-voltage, over-current and short circuit protection as standard.

Typical applications for the CUWB include battery management system control, vehicle control units, and air conditioning units.

Relec Electronics additionally offers a range of power conversion and CAN bus transceiver modules aimed specifically at the automotive and electric vehicle market featured in the applications above.