STR-4LED-SOL-EVAL-EVK LED Evaluation Board

Author: EIS Release Date: Mar 24, 2021

ON Semi's LED evaluation board with buck, boost, PWM, and linear solutions has Strata software for full control and telemetry

Image of ON Semi's STR-4LED-SOL-EVAL-EVK LED Evaluation BoardON Semiconductor's STR-4LED-SOL-EVAL-EVK LED evaluation board with buck, boost, pulse width modulation (PWM), and linear solutions uses CAV4201, LV52204, CAT9532, and LM358, respectively. This evaluation board is enabled with Strata software for full control and telemetry.

The LED power solutions evaluation board uses four different LED control methodologies to provide interactive LED control via Strata. The CAT9532 (PWM) provides two strings of dynamic RGB color mixing via I2C interface for quick color changes and over 16 million color options. The linear solution (linear) uses simple analog components to drive a constant current through the LEDs. The CAV4201 (buck) offers a step-down SMPS solution with high efficiency and high current output that is fully automotive qualified. The LV52204 (boost) provides a step-up SMPS solution for low current backlighting yielding high efficiency and high output voltage. In addition to these four complete solutions, the LED power solutions evaluation board has multiple external connection points for users' own LED hardware.

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  • Input power: 5 V to 24 V
  • Minimum 10 V needed for full RGB drive due to LED forward voltages
  • PWM:
    • I2C RGB LED control for over 16 million colors
    • External RGB strip option
  • Linear:
    • Non-flickering linear RGB drive
  • Buck:
    • High efficiency 350 mA LED drive with AEC qualification
    • External connection for alternate high-power LEDs
  • Boost:
    • LED current shunt protection
  • Buck/boost:
    • LED power and temperature monitoring
  • Backlighting
  • RGB color mixing
  • 3.3 V, 5 V, 12 V, and 24 V lighting systems
  • High brightness LEDs
  • Automotive lighting
  • Consumer lighting
  • Turn indicators
  • Dash lighting