Author: EIS Release Date: Mar 24, 2021

ON Semiconductor's support kit has a GUI that simulates RSOC using the cell voltage curve and optimum battery parameters

Image of On Semi's STR-SMARTLIBGAUGE-GEVK Support KitON Semiconductor's STR-SMARTLIBGAUGE-GEVK support kit measures the cell voltage curve for a Li-ion/polymer battery using the LC709204F Smart LiB gauge and on-board programmable load. The cell voltage curve provides optimum battery parameters for Smart LiB gauge.

Within the Strata Developer Studio™, the user can measure and control battery temperature, overcurrent, over and under battery voltage/temperature, voltage graphs, and much more. Users can use the graphical user interface (GUI) to simulate reconfigurable system-on-chip (RSOC) using the cell voltage curve and optimum battery parameters.

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  • LC709204F from the Smart LiB gauge family measures cell voltage and cell temperature
  • Voltage measurement accuracy is ±7.5 mV
  • Built-in safety mechanism causes automatic measurement to cease when an unexpected condition occurs
  • No battery is detected
  • Excessively high voltage, current, and temperature
  • An on-board programmable load of up to 1.5 A can be applied when measuring discharging characteristics
  • The Smart LiB gauge automatic support tool enables testing of charging and discharging with an external load and charger
  • Users can simulate RSOC within the GUI, using the cell voltage curve and optimum battery parameters
  • All measured data and the configuration can be saved into a log file using the Strata Developer Studio for the gauge simulator
  • Wearables and IoT devices
  • Smartphones and PDA devices
  • Digital cameras
  • Portable game players
  • USB-related devices