EPC21601 3.3 V Logic eToF™ Laser Driver IC

Author: EIS Release Date: Mar 24, 2021

EPC’s EPC21601 laser driver achieves full driver integration using GaN IC technology

Image of EPC's EPC21601 3.3 V Logic eToF™ Laser Driver ICEPC’s EPC21601ENGRT 40 V, 10 A, 3.3 V logic, eToF laser driver IC is capable of very high frequencies exceeding 100 MHz and super short pulses <2 ns to modulate laser driving currents up to 10 A. The turn-on and turn-off times on the EPC21601 driver are 410 ps and 320 ps, respectively. This single-chip driver plus eGaN® FET uses EPC’s proprietary GaN IC technology in a chip-scale BGA form factor that measures only 1.5 mm x 1.0 mm. With this small form factor and the integration of several functions, the overall solution is 36% smaller on the printed circuit board (PCB) than an equivalent multi-chip discrete implementation.

The EPC21601 has high performance and a small solution size for time-of-flight (ToF) LIDAR applications, including robotics, drones, 3D sensing, and autonomous cars.

  • ToF measurements
    • Gesture recognition
    • Gaming
    • Driver awareness
    • Robotic vision
    • Industrial safety
  • ToF modules using VCEL laser for camera modules, laptops, and smartphones
  • Control switches for boost, flyback, or forward converters
  • Class-E amplifiers