Rockley adds BEOL processing to Skywater foundry contract

Author: EIS Release Date: Sep 1, 2021

Skywater, the Minnesota foundry, will undertake BEOL processing for Rockley Photonics’ spectrophotometer-on-a-chip health monitoring product.
Rockley, founded by Bookham Technology founder Andrew Rickman, has been using Skywater for front-end processing. The BEOL processing will be done at Skywater’s Florida facility.
“SkyWater provides us with a domestic U.S. source for advanced wafer-level components which is a critical part of our multi-source supply chain strategy,” says Rickman, “as we target high-volume consumer and industrial applications, deepening our connection with SkyWater is an important step in expanding our manufacturing ecosystem.”
“This is an excellent example of the value our TaaS model brings to our customers to develop customized manufacturing solutions that enable their differentiated technologies,” says Skywater CEO Thomas Sonderman, SkyWater president and CEO.
Rockley aims to use non-invasive technologies to enable the measurement of biomarkers, which were previously undetectable by consumer devices,  for health monitoring products.
While many of today’s wearable consumer electronic devices use green light-emitting diodes to monitor heart rate, Rockley’s infrared spectrophotometers can detect and monitor a much wider range of biomarkers, which could increase the functionality of wearable devices.
Rockley’s “clinic-on-the-wrist” digital health sensor system (pictured) has the potential to provide wearable devices with a range of sensing capabilities that includes continuous, non-invasive monitoring of multiple biomarkers: core body temperature, blood pressure, body hydration, alcohol level, lactate, and glucose, among others.
Featuring a wristband that contains the sensor module and communicates with custom cloud-based analytical engines (via a Rockley smartphone app), Rockley’s full-stack sensing solution is positioned to revolutionize consumer health and wellness.
Rockley is developing a comprehensive range of photonic ICs and associated modules, sensors, and full-stack solutions for applications ranging from sensing platforms specifically designed for mobile health monitoring and machine vision to high-speed, high-volume solutions for data communications.