Quad opto-relays in 2 x 6mm

Author: EIS Release Date: Jan 13, 2022

Toshiba has launched three quad Form-A voltage driven photorelays, claiming one of them with one of the smallest mounting areas in the industry.
Toshiba mini quad opto relay
They are Toshiba’s first four-circuit, 4-Form-A, relays, in a 12.5mm2 (2 x 6.25 x 1.3mm) package dubbed S-VSON16T. “The area is approximately 14% less compared with the mounting area of four one-channel relays,” according to the company.
Toshiba mini quad opto relay blockBy ‘voltage-driven’, it means current limiting resistors are built into the devices, and they will work from 3V or 5V. Each output switch has its own isolated input connection pair for its LED. Outputs are back-to-back mosfet pairs for ac switching.
All devices are normally-open (1-Form-A / NO), with an off-state voltage of 60V and offer 300Vrms minimum isolation.
TLP3412SRHA4: 3.3V 3.5mA input, 250mA on-current and 1Ω on-resistance, 220µs on-time and 50µs off-time
TLP3475SRHA4: 3.3V 3.5mA input, 250mA on-current and 1Ω on-resistance, 220µs on-time and 50µs off-time
TLP3407SRA4: 3.3V 540μA input, 600mA on-current and 0.2Ω on-resistance, 7ms on-time and 300µs off-time
Despite much data sheet surfing, your humble reporter cannot find any technical differences between the first two devices – any ideas (Toshiba has been contacted).
Recommended input voltage is 3.3V and up to 6V max. The first two will also operate from 3V, and typically down to 1.5V.
The first two are “ideally suited to use in high-speed testers and other similar applications”, said Toshiba. Applications for all are foreseen in semiconductor test equipment (probe cards and test heads for memories, SoCs and LSI) where there is a need to mount multiple relays on circuit boards with space constraints, as well as in measuring instruments such as oscilloscopes and data loggers, and burn-in equipment.