Renesas adds to clock buffers and multiplexers

Author: EIS Release Date: Apr 29, 2022

Renesas is offering 11 new clock buffers and 4 new multiplexers. The devices, which also support and provide extra margin for PCIe Gen5 implementations.
The PCIe Gen6 standard supports data rates of 64 GT/s while requiring  clock jitter performance of less than 100fs RMS.
The RC190xx clock buffers and RC192xx multiplexers have PCIe Gen6 additive jitter specs of only 4fs RMS, making them virtually noiseless.
4fs PCIe Gen6 additive jitter, 1.4ns in-out delay, 35ps out-out skew, and -80dB Power Supply Rejection Ratio (PSRR) @100kHz easily ensure robust system design
30 percent space-saving compared to earlier devices
Selectable SMBus addresses allow easy use of multiple devices
SMBus write-protect feature enhances system security
Loss-Of-Signal (LOS) output supports system monitoring and redundancy
4-wire Side-Band interface supports high-speed serial output enable/disable and device daisy-chaining
Power Down Tolerant (PDT) and Flexible Start-up Sequencing (FSS) features ensure good behavior under abnormal system conditions.