Adapter board ensures security for IIoT

Author: EIS Release Date: Apr 29, 2022

Communication with all established Fieldbus systems and industrial Ethernet networks for a secure industrial IoT is provided by the HMS Anybus adapter board from Rutronik System Solutions.
It enables connectivity with networks using secure communication standards such as OPC UA (Open Platform Communications Unified Architecture) and MQTT (message queuing telemetry transport) and has integrated websites, FTP (file transfer protocol and socket interface access. Integrated security consists of packet storm resistance, server and client certificates and access control.
All components used are available within the distributor’s product portfolio and can be stacked with the company’s RDK2 development kit, using the Arduino interface.
The adapter board has been developed to minimise the time and resources needed to implement secure connectivity in industrial applications. “Challenges regarding compliance, integration of new networks as well as upgrades or maintenance become easy to handle,” said Stephan Maenze, Rutronik’s head of global innovation management.