Amphenol RF adds reverse polarity configurations

Author: EIS Release Date: Jun 22, 2022

Amphenol RF has expanded its  SMA connector series with additional reverse polarity (RP) configurations.
RP-SMA’s are a variation of the traditional SMA interface which reverses the gender of the connector’s contact pin without affecting the electrical or mechanical performance.
The RP-SMA options include plug and jack versions which are compact, lightweight connectors that feature a robust design for use with various ultraminiature micro-coax cable types.
These connectors are designed with a secure threaded coupling mechanism which makes them ideal for vibration resistance applications with certain space constraints.
RP-SMA plugs and jacks alike provide excellent electrical performance up to 6 GHz and are manufactured with durable gold plated, brass bodies and gold-plated, beryllium copper contacts.
They are designed specifically to be terminated to micro-coax cable types such as 0.81 mm, 1.32 mm and 1.37 mm which allow a high degree of flexibility.
This interface is extremely versatile which makes them well-suited for a variety of wireless applications including WLAN, cellular devices and Wi-Fi.
The reverse polarity SMA interface also offers an additional benefit over traditional SMA’s for long-term use.
With frequent screwing and unscrewing, the inner conductors often wear out and cause the signal strength to decrease.
It can be a complex process to replace this connection. With an RP-SMA connector, in the event of wear, only the antenna or cable would need to be replaced which has added time-saving advantages.