65W superjunction USB mains adaptor reference design up to 92% efficient

Author: EIS Release Date: Mar 17, 2023

Silanna Semiconductor has released a superjunction mosfet-based reference design for a 65W universal (90 – 264Vac) USB Type-C output mains power power adaptor.
Silanna RD-35 acdc reference design
Called RD-35, it combines Silanna’s SZ1131 ac-dc active clamp fly-back controller with its SZPL3102A 65W synchronous buck converter and a Hynetek HUSB350 USB PD controller.
Silanna RD-35 acdc reference design thermal“This allows a single base charger design to be deployed across a variety of end products with different Type-C and Type-A output configurations,” according to the company, which claimed: “RD-35 exceeds conducted and radiated EMI requirements, eliminating the need for pre-production validation and certification.”
Up to 3.25A can be delivered, at efficiencies peaking above 92%. “Efficiency is relatively flat across the 90 – 265Vac input range, and low to full-load conditions,” said Silanna. No-load consumption is <300mW.
The single Type-C output variant has 3A output options of 5, 9, 12 or 15V, then 20V at 3.25A.
A dual output variant adds a Type-A output and provides up to 63W with its outputs in various combinations.
Last year, Silanna and Innoscience demonstrated a 65W ac-dc adapter squeezed into 34 x 34.5 x 30.5mm using a GaN-on-silicon switch.