Sponsored Content: Durable and innovative Panasonic capacitors. Solutions involving hybrid, polymer and film capacitors

Author: EIS Release Date: Sep 14, 2023

A single capacitor can influence the lifetime and quality of entire electronic devices. These components wear out relatively easily and are used in virtually all circuits, including power supply modules, filters and voltage converters. Therefore, it is worth getting familiar with a range of brand-name components, such as Panasonic products, designed to ensure long-lasting and reliable operation.
Nowadays, it is rather hard to imagine a company offering breakthrough innovations in the field of capacitor design. Indeed, as far as the most basic parameters are concerned, one brand’s products do not differ significantly from the competitive solutions. Nevertheless, as a result of extensive R&D activities, slight improvements as well as structural solution modifications and production process streamlining, Panasonic has developed an extensive portfolio of components characterised by extremely high quality. Moreover, it includes major innovations that make it possible to design equipment that is not only durable, but also even more compact than before.
Electrolytic Capacitors
The Panasonic portfolio of through-hole assembly (THT) electrolytic capacitors includes a number of product series demonstrating very good electric parameters. One of the best examples is the EEU-FR series. Products belonging to this group are characterised by a lifetime of up to 10,000 hours when operating near the upper limit of their thermal tolerance, i.e. 105°C (diameters: 10 mm and larger), making it possible to design durable converters, power supply modules and many other circuits. The EEU-FP capacitors are a bit more specialist,, as they are mostly intended for industrial and automotive equipment; these products conform to the AEC-Q200 standard (similarly to the majority of Panasonic products), which makes them suitable for, e.g. car electronics solutions.
The durable and long-lasting electrolytic capacitor range also comprises the surface-mounted capacitors (SMD). Our product catalogue includes components with capacitance from 1 µF to 13 mF and operating voltage from 4 V to 450 V DC (for the current rating of up to approx. 2 A). Many of them demonstrate the low ESR characteristics, i.e. low impedance (equivalent series resistance), which translates into lower circuit heating and reduced energy losses, as well as higher tolerance to ripple currents. Note that selected product series, e.g. EEE-FK, are enclosed in housings resistant to vibrations and shocks up to 30 G, thus meeting the requirements of industrial automation and automotive applications.
Hybrid Capacitors
Hybrid capacitors combine polymer and aluminium-electrolytic technologies. Such a design results in components with low ESR, low leakage current, resistance to high ripple currents and with a relatively small size, saving, in some applications, several to tens of percent of the PCB area dedicated to capacitors. They are perfectly suited for systems operating at higher frequencies (computers, LED drivers, switching power supplies), and at the same time ensure their stable operation.