Fast dual TO-247 rectifiers tuned for super-junction mosfets

Author: EIS Release Date: Sep 14, 2023

Central Semiconductor has announced a pair of dual hyper-fast rectifiers in TO-247 packaging, designed for use with super-junction mosfets.
CentralSemi hyper-fast recovery rectifiers
CRU24715-600 has two 600V 15A rectifiers with a common cathode
CRU24730-600 has two 600V 30A rectifiers with dual common cathode
Connecting the internal diodes in parallel pushes current rating to 30A or 60A respectively, and the package can cope with up to 125W.
“These new rectifiers were developed alongside Central’s upcoming super-junction mosfets,” said the company’s marketing director Tom
Donofrio, “and are intended to be used together for various designs including the slow-side of a PFC [power factor correction] totem-pole as well as flyback diode configurations and dc-dc converters.”
Reverse recovery time is 35ns (30Vr, 1A, di/dt=300A/μs), said the company.
Picking a more realistic operating situation, reverse recovery time hovers around 70-100ns with the higher current device operating at 30A, 300-50A/μs, 400V and Tj=125°C.
At Tj=25°C and 30A, forward drop is typically 1.8V (2.5V max), rising to 1.45V at Tj=125°C.
Operation is over -55 to +150°C.