Two-channel 16bit 125Msample/s PCIe digitiser board

Author: EIS Release Date: Sep 14, 2023

GaGe has filled out its line of PCIe digitiser boards – essentially ADCs for PCs – with three new dual-channel models: one with with 250MHz bandwidth and 14bit 500Msample/s sampling, and two 125MHz 250Msample/s models, one with 16bit resolution and the other 14bit.
GaGe-Digitizer-Razor-Express PCIe card
The “digitisers boast ENOB [effective number of bits] of ~11+ typical”, according to the company.
Inputs are 50Ω or 1MΩ, there is 8Gbyte (4Gsample) of memory as standard (upgrade to 16Gbyte 8Gsample), and the PCIe interface is Gen3 x8.
“At the same time, we are announcing price reductions on our 16bit, 500Msample/s two and four-channel models, said company spokesman Gerald Allgaier.
Control software is available for Windows, and SDKs (software development kits) are available for C/C#, Python, LabVIEW and MATLAB.
“With eXpert PCIe Data Streaming Firmware, acquired data can be simultaneously streamed to host PC memory via the PCIe interface at sustained rates for real-time continuous signal processing or signal recording operations,” said GaGe which, for example for the 14bit 25MHz 250Msample/s model, it claims 6Gbyte/s transfer from on-board memory and 1Gbyte/s real-time sustained streaming to the host.
Find the 14bit 25MHz 250Msample/s digitiser here – be prepared to separate similar ‘Razor…’ brand names when seeking the others.
GaGe is a brand of Californian manufacturer Vitrek, which now covers products previously branded Signatec and KineticSystems.