Through-hole three-phase 600V brushless motor drives

Author: EIS Release Date: Nov 16, 2023

Toshiba is aiming at pumps, air conditioning and fans with through-hole versions of its latest 600V three-phase brushless dc motor drivers.

Toshiba 600V brushless motor drive
TPD4163K and TPD4164K come in a 32.8 x 13.5 x 3.525mm ‘HDIP30′ package, which has pins on a 1.778mm pitch (Electronics Weekly has asked why this odd pitch was chosen – watch this space).

“This new package reduces PCB mounting area by over 20%, when compared to Toshiba’s DIP26 products such as TPD4123x, TPD4144x and TPD4135x,” according to the company.

Both ICs include six IGBTs, level shifters, boot-strapping and safety protection. They require a 15V supply and six appropriately-phased logic inputs – more of these later.

The difference between the two is that TPD4163K can deliver up to 1V, while TPD4164K is rated at 2A. IGBT saturation is typically 2.6 or 3V respectively, and the fly-back diode diodes drop 2 or 2.5V.

While rated at 600V, they are intended to be used at lower voltage. “600V increases the design margin, particularly useful in locations where mains power is variable or subject to fluctuations”, said Toshiba.

Safe operating area for the …63K is up to 450V at 1A, while the …64K can work up to 300V at its full 2A, derating linearly to 1.3A at 450V.

Input logic thresholds are 1.5 and 2.5V.

Protections include: ’15V’ under-voltage, bootstrap under-voltage, output over-current and thermal shut-down.

These devices are similar to the recently launched TPD4163F and TPD4164F, which mirror the ratings of the new …K parts but come in a 17.5 x 12mm (including gull-wing leads) 0.8mm pitch surface mount package.  “The device’s specification is identical except for the thermal resistance, which differs from package to package,” Toshiba told Electronics Weekly.

All of these packages have missing legs on the output side for increased voltage rating.

Toshiba motor drive eval board

An evaluation kit has been produced that pairs the 2A through-hole …64K with a microcontroller that includes a vector control engine – the TMPM374FWUG – to implement ‘sensorless’ vector control with supplies across 120 to 340Vdc with one-shunt or three-shunt sensing.