Cortex-M55 MCU gets neural network accelerator for AI-at-the-edge

Author: EIS Release Date: Nov 16, 2023

Infineon has announced a family microcontrollers combining an Arm Cortex-M55 core (including ‘Helium’ DSP support), an Arm Ethos-U55 machine learning processor, and an Arm Cortex-M33 core, which has in-built security, paired with Infineon’s own ‘NNLite’ neural network accelerator.

Infineon PSoC Edge
“Support for ‘always-on’ sensing and response makes the devices ideal for IoT and industrial segments such as smart home, security, wearables and robotics,” said Infineon. “The family of devices [will] come with ample on-chip memories, including non-volatile RRAM, as well as secured external memory support.”

There is no more public information, except that the name of the family is ‘PSoC Edge’, and that the “family is available for early access customers now”, according to the company.