PCIM: 250W smart GaN motor driver is only 12x12mm

Author: EIS Release Date: Jun 18, 2024

Texas Instruments introduced a 450V intelligent power module that includes a GaN three-phase bridge for motors up to 250W.

TI DRV7308 GaN smart motor power module
Called DRV7308, it can stand-off 650V and handle pulses up to 5A.

Inside its 12 x 12mm QFN package and six 205mΩ hemts (at 25°C ambient), drivers and protection component, and it is capable of implementing inverters with >99% efficiency, according to the company, if field-oriented control is used and it is switched at 20kHz. The package will not need a heatsink in many applications, added the company.

Dead time is adjusted adaptively and always below 200ns, allowing a controlled output down to very low power levels. Propagation delay is also under 200ns.

TI GaN motor controllerA current sense amplifier, current limit comparitors and other protection is built in, but an external host microcontroller is expected to provide six pwm phases and other control functions.

DRV7308EVM is the associated evaluation module, which implements a three-phase brushless-dc motor driver. It needs the company’s ‘C2000 LAUNCHXL-F2800137’ MCU board to provide PWMs, fault responses and control.

‘How three-phase integrated GaN technology maximizes motor-drive performance‘ is an application note that explains realistically where the efficiency figures come from.